fall maintenance in raleigh ncFall Maintenance; taking care of your house (the big investment)

For every season there is a home checklist, like your automobile, your house needs TLC so that it will continue to give back to you. I was reading one website that said fall is the perfect time to wax the cars; it protects it from the winter elements! (Good idea)

We all know that when time changes; we should change the batteries in the smoke/carbon monoxide detectors, it’s also when they should be tested.  Don’t forget to check the dates on the fire extinguishers; also does your family have a planned escape route?  Furthermore it is a good time to get rid of old newspapers and other flammables.

Check the roof for damaged shingles, making sure the flashing and vents are not leaking or corroded; then clean the gutters and downspouts.  This is also good time to trim back branches and bushes.

Don’t forget to drain outdoor faucets, sprinkler systems, and hoses.  While you are outside, check all the outdoor lights.  Do any of the light bulbs need replaced?  Do you have any lights on timers; do they need reset?  While you are spending the day outdoors, is it chilly enough to put away or cover your outdoor furniture?  Do you need to bring any plants and/or planters in? Lastly, clean the outdoor windows; use caulk or weather stripping to repair any leaks or cracks, and put in storm windows; this will help on the electric/gas bill!  I also like to mulch the flower beds…

Are you tired yet?  Hopefully, you are taking a few weekends to do all of this and not trying to finish it all in one weekend!   We are almost done!

Systems checks: the biggie(s)!  Are you filter fresh? Clean or replace your filters, then have the HVAC and furnace systems serviced.  While we are talking about pros; it is a good time for the professionals to check the fireplace, and if you have a gas-fired room heater, have it inspected as well.

Many items have a regular maintenance schedule that is supposed to be performed throughout the year; I find that if we implement systematic upkeep, they last longer.

This does not include everything that can be done, and you may like to incorporate other ideas but with this list you are off to a good start!

I’ll probably see you in one of the home improvement stores! Happy fall maintenance!


                                     Thank you Champion Windows for the picture!