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Don't Forget to Smile


The other day I was deep into my workout when a nice lady, who often works out at the same time, broke my concentration and said, “Smile, don’t forget to smile.”  As I think of it, she is always smiling and needless to say, the comment reminded me to smile the rest of the day!

Do you smile enough?  Do you smile every day?  Maybe as a society we should smile more!  I know, I felt better while working out and the rest of the day just seemed “happier”.  There does seem to a power in a smile.  We have all heard that it takes fewer muscles to smile than to frown, but we get so caught up in our daily life and our deep thoughts that we spend a good part of the day with a frown, scowl, or sulky look.  This makes us look unapproachable, unhappy, and they say it actually produces stress.

When we smile and laugh our brain produces a chemical called endorphins, which actually helps relieve physical and emotional stress.  Life is short and we need to remember to take time to do the things that make us smile. The more we smile and laugh, the more joyous we will feel!

Give yourself permission to laugh and smile…you will feel better and look younger! 

                                                                                      Knock, Knock!
                                                                                      Who's there?
                                                                                      Tank who?
                                                                                      You're welcome!


“Smile, don’t forget to smile.”