Chatham County Real Estate Market Update

August 2011 Compared to August 2012 - Homes SOLD in Chatham

chatham county homes sold

Chatham County NC is finally seeing a small recovery to its real estate market.  The # of homes sold in August 2011 was 46. And, the # of homes sold in Chatham County in August 2012 was 61.  This is 33% increase in the # of homes sold. 

Click on the chart to the right for the # of all the homes sold in Chatham County each month through the last year.

Supply and Demand of Homes in Chatham County NC

chatham county real estate While the # of homes sold in Chatham County increased in August 2012 by 33% the market also saw a decrease in the # of homes for sale.   We saw a 4% drop in inventory of homes for sale in Chatham Co.  So what does this mean?

This means the likelihood for an owner selling his home in Chatham County increased.  The market has shifted slightly better for sellers.  Now, keep in mind this was a small shift.  It is still a great time to buy a home in Chatham County. 

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