Chapel Hill Real Estate Market Update August 2012

Recent Chapel Hill NC real estate market statistics indicate a little good and bad news.  I guess the good always comes with the bad but in the long run these numbers indicate a well-needed market correction ocurred. 

Median Price in Chapel Hill

Since July 2010 the median price for a sold home in Chapel Hill fell 13% to $407,450 by the end of July 2012.   To chapel hill median priceview a chart of all the numbers click on the image to the right. 

*Note these stats are pulled from the Triangle Multiple Listing Service or TMLS and are in reference to single-family detached homes in Chapel Hill. 

# of Homes Sold

Over the same 3 year period mentioned above we saw a 74% increase in the number of properties sold.  For sellers, you may not fetch the same high price as the days of yesteryear but the statistics indicate there are more homes selling.  So at least if you need to sell there is hope you will find a buyer. 

Click the on the chart to enlarge the image.  chapel hill homes sold





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